Our story

Fuganti's story started when our founder Marie started cycling in 2019 on the recommendation of her physiotherapist. The search for a women's racing bike was a difficult task but finding the appropriate cycling clothing, that was comfortable and beautiful, was even more impossible.

Starting out in sponsor outfits she received for free, she soon switched to more expensive clothing because she just loved cycling.

But the problem of not finding her taste in the attire was still there....

Aware that others felt the same way, she started creating her own high-quality clothing for cycling ladies of all shapes and sizes to train in comfort and style. Fuganti was born!

Fuganti offers cycling clothing for women who enjoy spending several hours on the bike, in a group or alone, and don't shy away from a challenge!

La Fuga In Avanti

Freely translated "The flight ahead". Fuganti aims to be a friend in times when you need to escape to better times. This is done by jumping on your bike and enjoying nature, the sports challenge and the cycling community. The head is emptied and makes way for good ideas, there is adventure, there is cheer, there is joy!

Fuganti is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle. Our products allow our customers to express themselves in a fun way while feeling good and looking great!

Fuganti is here for you to motivate each other and enjoy life to the fullest. Because happiness and self-confidence are the most beautiful things there are!

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Can it be exchanged?

You have 14 days to return your order to the shipping address. More information about our returns & refund policy can be found here .

Do you also offer men's clothing?

We were founded to offer cycling clothing for women that are both comfortable and stylish where we pay extra attention to the cuts of our products according to the wishes of the cycling woman. To maintain our focus, we do not offer men's clothing.

Where can I purchase the clothing?

You can buy the clothing via our webshop or in one of our distribution points. An overview of our physical stores can be found here .